About us

From event management…

Created in 2004 in Prague, KAZAK’s first area of activity was organising and producing events for a very wide and diverse group of customers and audiences: corporate parties, receptive tourism events, balls, inaugurations of new and renovated buildings, scenography and exhibition openings…

… to graphic design…

In parallel, to advertise the events it was organising, KAZAK opened a graphic design department and started to work with renowned companies located in the Czech Republic, such as L’Oréal, VCES-Bouygues Bâtiment International, ORCO Group, ACCOR Services.

… and culinary events organised for the public:

In 2007, in collaboration with the Czech branch of SOPEXHA (Agency for the promotion of French culinary products abroad), KAZAK organises many events in the agricultural world: wine fairs, product exhibitions, and public tasting sessions. Finally, in 2010, in Prague and in Brno, KAZAK starts working in open-air markets promoting festivities and culinary delights, which rapidly become true urban innovations.

After eight years of hard work and experience gained in these three domains, KAZAK has now become much more than a simple agency specialised in event management and graphic design. Its specificity and added value reside in its ability to provide, for each individual project, a global, “customised” and «turnkey” solution.
This specific know-how by KAZAK relies on:
  • a detailed understanding of the needs and requirements of the customer along with in-depth knowledge of the context and the Czech way of thinking
  • the rigorous implementation of all logistical parameters
  • the creation of all related visual media
  • the monitoring and control of the project during all its phases
Finally, as KAZAK works on the project from its beginning to its completion, we favour a strong and trusted relationship with our clients, based on a thorough understanding of our client’s wishes, on our support in any operation involving risk, and on constant communications aimed at integrating the evolving character of any project.
Some emblematic events best demonstrate the original know-how of KAZAK:
  • Inauguration of the Palac Krizic I business centre in Prague 5
  • Co production of the ARKOS Forum – Sustainable Architecture & Construction in Prague
  • implementation of the “French Market” at Prague-Mala Strana

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