Business, tourism, real estate, visual arts, urban markets … The very varied range of fields and types of events that KAZAK has organised since 2004 speaks volumes of its ability to adapt to different customers and to satisfy their requirements.

For this reason, KAZAK is able to provide all the services relating to the management of events:

  • Finding and hiring the adequate venue
  • Providing the decorations, the setting, the costumes, etc…
  • Installing all the technical equipment required: lights, sounds, signage
  • Supply and organisation of the entire catering
  • Conceiving and providing animations: music, stage productions, dances, performances…

From logistics to art, customised events managed by KAZAK aim to be unique, amazing and friendly. The most important for KAZAK is to “mark the minds of people” by offering more than the standard-formula events that are too often the only offering available in the Czech Republic.

In terms of graphic design, the services provided by KAZAK are primarily based on the notion of efficiency. Clarity, flawless designs and accurate content are intertwined with the communication strategy and the targeted audience.
«Good communication is sending the appropriate messages to targeted audiences.»

KAZAK’s work method is simple.
With its technical know-how and the numerous communication media it supports, KAZAK can provide its clients with a toolbox, containing creative and innovating instruments that are easily suited to their needs and objectives.
From the creation of a logo or a website to the completion of a brochure or a newsletter, from the design phases to the printing operations and/or online content, ours is truly an operational marketing process, both realistic and tangible, implemented by KAZAK for each one of our projects.
Many companies implanted in the Czech Republic have been convinced by our approach, such as L’Oréal, Le Bourgin, Lancôme, Golem, HR Partners, Royal Canin, Nexity, Orco Group, and have entrusted KAZAK with their marketing campaigns.
Following its collaboration with the Czech branch of SOPEXA (association for the promotion of French culinary products abroad), KAZAK was the first to (re)invent, initially in Prague and then in Brno, those open-air market that had entirely vanished from those cities for the past 50 years!

Located in emblematic sites, these markets bring together many producers around specific themes: French markets, Mediterranean markets, wine fairs…

With four days of open selling areas (with a turnover of nearly 5 million crowns!), these events are also the occasion to put on friendly urban animations, complete with musical entertainment, tasting sessions, dances and performances.

Thus, since 2009, the French Market in the Prague neighbourhood of Mala Strana attracts some 10 000 participants per day every year in July!

A true pioneer and inventor of a model, KAZAK benefits, in the world of agriculture, from its unique experience and set of skills, which you won’t find anywhere else in the Czech Republic:

  • Administrative management and installation of markets in public areas
  • Availability of required logistical infrastructures: stalls, signage
  • Animation and management of a network of producers at the local, regional and European levels
  • Access to numerous cultural resources for the animations
  • Ability to produce the media and communication tools relating to the event

Thus qualified, KAZAK can satisfy any type of request for the promotion of agricultural produce, originating from public bodies, distributors, caterers, or groups of producers, and hosted publicly or privately…


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