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VeRy Wine is a range of fruit-flavoured wines, produced by the Castel family based in France. It has been distributed in the Czech Republic for two years. This range has four main flavours: grapefruit, lemon, pomegranate and peach. In 2014, VeRy Wine decided to participate in lifestyle, luxury and gastronomic events. Kazak therefore proposed their participation in the largest of the summer events: the Apetit Festival in Plzeň and Pardubice, The Apetit Pick-nick in Prague, the Mediterranean Market in Brno and the French Market in Prague.

To announce this special campaign, a press conference was held at Atelier Red and Wine in Prague.

During the tour, the Kazak team supervised all the logistics: the transport, installation, coordination, the staff and the entertainment. A podium, decorations, fresh fruit and ice were supplied and delivered to all venues. Also, on each stand, gifts were offered: straw hats, sunglasses, bag holders, frisbees and t-shirts were handed out.

The most important event of the tour was the French market in Prague, inaugurated by the French ambassador, which attracts 50,000 people each year. Castel decided to partner the event and installed a podium of 30m2 where our brand ambassador Nicol Moravcová welcomed the VIPs. All day, tastings, prizes and a bar show provided entertainment on the VeRy stand. Over 8,750 glasses were used for tastings during the 5 days.

In all 2,000 bottles from the VeRy range were opened over the 14 days of tasting over the whole tour.